4 Family-Friendly Ski Resorts in Europe for your Next Winter Holidays

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Planning a family holiday can be tough as you have to take into consideration and accommodate the needs of people of a wide range of ages. Children and adults do not have the same idea of fun and do not possess the same levels of endurance, patience, and motivation when it comes to traveling.

Of course, we do not say all that stuff in order to make you cancel your family holidays. Quite the contrary, we want to make you see how wise it was to click on this article. Everyone – no matter their age – can agree that playing in the snow and doing winter sports is fun.

Thus, going to one of the ski resorts mentioned below guarantees that both grownups and children will not only have a great time but also create precious and carefree moments with their loved ones. Do not forget to look up and book family ski passes on Erna Low for whichever ski resort you end up going for because they offer many privileges that will make your trip much easier and more exciting, like limitless access to resorts nearby or accommodation extras.

Resort 1: Pas de la Casa, Andorra

Andorra might be one of the tiniest countries in the whole world, but it is famous for its ski resorts. Pas de la Casa is the name of both a beautiful town and the ski resort there. The fact that the ski resort is pretty high up in the Pyrenees mountain range entails that you will definitely find fresh, powdery snow there. The resort is ready to welcome and help you take care of young children from 1 year old and over.

Resort 2: Val Thorens, France

Val Thorens is another truly family-friendly ski resort as it even welcomes babies only a few months old. The day nursery and the playground are the basic areas that help your little one socialize and remain happy all day long. Of course, chaperoned activities in the snow or kid’s shows and events are organized for toddlers and children. And if you need any help, do not hesitate to turn to the tourist office as the team there can provide you with any kind of assistance you may need.

Resort 3: Alpbach, Austria

One more place that can seem like heaven for both parents and children is the Austrian ski resort Alpbach. There are many areas and activities in the resort that target kids exclusively; ski schools for children, which teach them how to ski properly and safely, and pistes that are specially designed for young skiers make all kids feel at home.

Resort 4: Arc 1950, France

Lastly, the ultimate family-friendly ski resort is Arc 1950. The resort was built in 2003, and it was designed with the aim to provide the most exciting and memorable skiing experience to families, and especially to their little ones.

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