2 Days in New York City – The Reality Day 2

New York City Central Park

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If it’s possible, I think our 2nd day in New York City was even better than the first. This was our only full day, morning to night, in the city and I didn’t want to over-do it. However, I will say we did log 20,000 + steps that day. Here’s why:

Lady Liberty

We started off with a Statue Cruise Line to the Statue of Liberty. This is the only way to get to Liberty Island itself. As we were staying with friends in New Jersey, we departed from Jersey side. Statue Cruises departs both from Liberty Park in New Jersey and Battery Park in NYC. Liberty Park well-maintained in an old train depot where you could still see signs of days gone by. The process to get a ticket very smooth. The boat ride itself was easy and offered a unique perspective of both the Manhattan and New Jersey skylines.

We stopped first at Ellis Island. As we didn’t have much time we opted not to explore Ellis Island and save that for another day.

Then it was time to Liberty Island and Lady Liberty herself. This is been a dream of mine for many years. I love every movie and TV instance of Lady Liberty. My favorite is Ghostbusters 2 when she walks the streets of New York.

In order to get to the crown, you must order your tickets months in advance. As I didn’t plan that far ahead, we had ground and pedestal tickets, which also holds the museum.

Walking the outside of the pedestal was unique and narrow! However being that close to the Lady and looking up shining beacon was emotional, incredible and overwhelming in a good way. After we visited the museum. The museum is well worth the experience of learning how the Statue came to be and all of the work that went into making it happen. You would never know that the American people resisted having to find the pedestal upon what she stands.  I was glad it happened as she represents America in her statuesque glory.

Pizza and the Subway Mishap!

From the Statue of Liberty we took the ferry to to Battery Park to explore Manhattan. Once arriving in Battery Park we were on the hunt for authentic New York pizza. We didn’t have to go very far in a few blocks away we found Georgio’s pizza.  I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it actually can be in Manhattan. Three slices of pizza and a water cost me only $14! Not only that, but we also got to sit at the window and watched the passersby.

After we made our way to Fulton Street subway station to head up towards Central Park. By this time it was probably one or 130. Here’s where we made our first mistake. We got on the train A which goes the same as train C, but doesn’t make as many stops. This can be great, however, as we passed our planned stop at 86 street, 98 and 104 I realized our mistake. We got off as soon as we could and waited to double back to 86th. Learning what denotes a stop and an express would have been key here. While it wasn’t a big deal, it certainly added a few minutes to our time.

Central Park

Central Park was another item on our list and bigger than we could imagine. We entered at 86th and strolled through the park. From about 2:30 to 5:30 we visited the Great Lawn, several ponds, Belvedere Castle, The Rambles, Bethesda Fountain. we exited around 5th avenue where we enjoyed a dinner of baked waffles from a waffle cart (again, cheap!)

I could have easily spent more time in the park, a whole day in fact. We enjoyed discovering hidden pathways and waterfalls. My daughter enjoyed the colored leaves as we don’t see that in Florida. It was worth having no plan in Central Park and enjoying some downtime together.

Broadway (again!)

As we walked down 5th avenue to make our way to the Gershwin Theater on 51st, we enjoyed viewing more iconic New York City. We saw the Plaza Hotel, Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center.

It was Gloria’s choice to see Wicked on Broadway, and an excellent choice it was! The historic theatre was larger than I had expected but did not disappoint.


All in all, we packed a lot in and ended our day by taking the subway back to New Jersey and were home in bed by midnight. It was a long day, with lots of walking but well worth the adventure!


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