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2 Days in New York City – The Reality Day 1

2 Days in New York City

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Can I just say that two days in New York City is not enough? That being said, we did make the most of our time and I felt like we got to see quite a few things, as well as everything on our agenda.

Here’s what our plan looked like.

Day 1

We arrived in New York City at 11 AM into Penn Station. After getting off the train, we made our way through the maze that is Penn Station to the baggage hold department for Amtrak. The wait time was minimal, and we checked in our bags for the day at $10 per bag.

After exiting Penn station at 33rd and Seventh Ave., it was 11:30 PM. We weren’t sure if we’d do Empire State Building that day, but I figured we were okay on time and made our way down 33rd St.

Empire State Building

Previously I purchased the Empire State Building VIP tickets. At $60 a pop, this was a little pricey. However having limited time, I thought it was well worth the price to avoid the lines. While we there, the lines to the top we’re not very long. I had read mixed reviews that this is an always the case. You could certainly see the maze of a queue line within the building. While the VIP experience is to skip the lines, they really did every effort to make us feel extra special. One employee in particular gave Gloria extra special treatment giving her a little inside info on her favorite Percy Jackson story. While I would not pay that much in the future to go to the top of the Empire State Building, it was an extra special experience.

After we saw what we could see at the top and deposited our funds in the gift shop, we hit the street. Eating in New York does not have to be expensive experience. We found a hotdog stand and bought two hotdogs and a can of Coke for $5. I noticed that a lot of the hotdog vendors have some variances in their pricing. But it was only by a couple of dollars.


We then headed out for the St. James Theatre where we had 3:00 tickets to Something Rotten! We walked from the Empire State Building along Broadway,  stopping in Macy’s to use the bathroom. As an added bonus we used the historic wooden escalator.  We took pictures in Herald Square. We continued north on Broadway till we reached Times Square.  An observation about NYC – Everything is bigger and yet more compact that I expected.

After our amazing experience at the theater on 44th, we headed over to the Shake Shack for dinner on Broadway and 35th. Since it wasn’t far from Penn Station, we retrieved our bags and met up with friends. We stayed with close family friends in New Jersey. They picked us up and drove us through the Lincoln Tunnel. Another bonus item!


All in all we had a great first day in New York City!

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