Who is Detail Oriented Traveler

Tonya at Detail Oriented TravelDOT is a blog founded in 2015 by Tonya Denmark (that’s me) to focus on the hidden gems and details in planning travel and the traveling itself.

The Detail Oriented Traveler Blog is geared towards busy moms, like myself, who want more than the cookie-cutter travel experience. She enjoys planning travel, experiencing new destinations and sharing the world with her children. I like to focus on authentic travel experiences as well as the joy of planning travel and discovering new things along the way.

I am married and a mom of two children. We travel frequently throughout the state of Florida and the US. I’ve visited Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Costa Rica.

While the DOT may be new to the blog world, I am not new to travel writing. I’ve written for luxury travel agencies, destination management companies, boutique hotels, US travel guides, lifestyle travel and more. I’ve worked for the hospitality industry in a variety of formats and studied communications in college.

Professionally, I write for this blog as well as ghost write for others as well as operate as content marketing and social media manager for nearly a dozen brands.

Work with Me

I am open to adventure and working with travel companies and organizations in a variety of capacities. I’m happy to consider the following:

  1. Press Trips
  2. Sponsored Accommodations, tours, activities or attractions.
  3. Restaurant reviews
  4. Culinary experiences

All opportunities will be considered, in keeping with the core values of the Detail Oriented Traveler, which is enjoying the details of travel.

Media Kit

Click here to view my Media Kit.

Some Post Examples

Accommodation Reviews

Review of Cay Pointe Villa

Travel Planning Resources

Road Trip Binder

Why I love the Interstate

How to eat healthy on a road trip

Tour Reviews

Visiting the Historic Vinoy Hotel

Experience Reviews

Rappelling a Waterfall


In accordance with the FTC Blogging guidelines, all content and reviews posted on Detail Oriented Traveler will be 100% honest and include a notation about the sponsorship at the end of the post.

Contact Me

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