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My son and I went to Boston this year, and since we were only going to be gone a couple of days, I knew I could get away with carry-on luggage for both of us. To save even more money, I booked us on a basic economy that allowed for a personal item, but no overhead carry-on bags. We took backpacks, which worked out perfectly space wise. Yet, I did feel a bit like a college kid. Recently I found these carry-on bags that meet the under seat requirement, yet still look grown up. Here are my choices based on reviews and style.

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I tried to keep all recommendations under $100. Plus, I looked for a selection of stylish and vibrantly colored bags. I also did bags that can be pulled rather than carried.

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I actually think these types of suitcases are the way to go. No fighting to get overhead space, no waiting to get the bags out at the end. Plus, I really like a lot of these colorful options.

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What are your thoughts on underseat carry-on luggage? Like it, love it, or think it’s just not enough space?



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