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Review of Cay Pointe Villa in Indian Rocks Beach Florida

My husband and I got to take a little trip (without kids!) to the gulf side of Florida last week. We haven’t gone away together since the kids were born (12 years ago) for more than a night out. Our review of Cay Pointe Villa in Indian Rocks Beach was truly blissful. We enjoyed nearby local authentic food, amazing cultural activities and a delightful day at the beach.

Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach


Cay Pointe Villa is located in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, which is about the middle of the Tampa Gulf side beaches. if you’ve ever driven along Gulf Ave in this area, Cay Pointe is about a half block north of Crabby Bill’s.


The terrific thing about Indian Rocks Beach is the authentic atmosphere throughout the town. Along our walks, we found mostly locally owned hotels and rentals and virtually no chain restaurants. The hotel is literally steps to the beach and there’s plenty to eat within walking distance.  I fell in love with the local vibe and beach-life attitude felt everywhere.

 Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach


Cay Pointe Villa is a family run business in every sense of the word. Started in 1972 by Dick and Judy Armbruster, their daughter Lynn Timberlake currently owns and operates the property. Lynn grew up here and has raised her family at Cay Pointe. She knows the ins and outs of Indian Rocks Beach and is an active part of the community. If you need recommendations, she’ll have plenty!



There are 5 rooms at Cay Pointe Villa, keeping it in the small family-like atmosphere. The 4 main villas all feature large walkout patios, 2 or 3 bedrooms, a full living room and kitchen. All overlook a sundeck and face the ocean. The studio is located in the main house and has a pull-out couch, small fridge/freezer, microwave, coffee pot and toaster oven. My husband and I stayed here and it was enough room for the two of us for a few days. It is a short 2-minute walk to the beach.

Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach

Everything was clean, bright and sunny (even when it rained!) The hotel is well maintained and updated. We even got a new heat sensing color coded shower head during our stay! That was something to talk about for the next few days!


I didn’t see anything in need of repair or out of place during our stay. The property managers (more on this delightful couple in a minute) live on site and if we were ever in need of anything, we just had to ask.


Beach Access and beach conditions

Perhaps the best feature of Cay Pointe is the proximity to the beach. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves here.

Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach

Distance from the villa to the waterline

Indian Rocks Beach is a shell filled beach. You won’t find the sugar soft sand that you might in other places. As there were chairs a-plenty, I didn’t find this a deterrent and had fun collecting shells for souvenirs.

Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach

The beach is raked free of debris daily and there are a volleyball net, balls and beach toys available for the kids to play with. No need to buy or have to pack your own. Umbrellas are also available for use and

 Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach

Appetizer meet and greet

Every Friday, Lynn and her staff do an appetizer meet and greet. Lynn is phenomenal about remembering everyone’s names and introducing guests to each other. I’m terrible at remembering everyone’s names, so it always impresses me when someone can know everyone in the room.

Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach

She puts on a simple, beach-filled spread with conch fritters, corn fritters, fish spread, a small dessert, and wine. It’s a nice way to get to know your neighbors and enjoy another of the magnificent gulf sunsets.

Review of Cay Pointe Villa Indian Rocks Beach

A Guest and I learning about a GoPro


Cay Pointe, while owned by the original owner’s daughter, Lynn Timberlake, it is operated by Bill and Carol McDowell. From the moment I booked the room, I had wonderful lengthy conversations with Lynn about the area, our families and things to do in the St. Pete area. Arriving at the hotel we found Carol in the ocean swimming her daily laps. She quickly introduced us to the other guests lounging on the patio and invited us to check out our room and get settled, as it was open and waiting. Over the next few days, I got to meet Lynn in person and had many conversations with Carol and her husband Bill about what to do with the kids, where to eat and just general conversation.


I have to change my earlier opinion about the best asset of Cay Pointe Villa. It is not the proximity of the beach, even though that was pretty freaking amazing. And I love the beach, and the waves and the shells and the blue ocean and the pelicans…oh, wait I’m digressing.

Seriously the best part is what is built into the hotel’s tagline: Come as a guest, leave as friends. I have to say I think the tagline is wrong. You really leave as family. And that is what happened to us during our stay. We reveled in the helpful gregarious nature of Bill and Carol and the cheerful friendly attitude of Lynn. I left with the feeling that I had known them for years and look forward to seeing them again soon!

I received a free stay at Cay Pointe Villas in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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