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Do you need Travel Insurance?

When you purchase airline tickets, car rentals and any kind of vacation package, you've likely been asked if you want travel insurance. Do you need travel insurance, however? I'm sure that question has crossed your mind. I often decline the insurance offered with...

Why LA, Pourquoi Paris? – A Review and Giveaway

When I'm not traveling, I love to read about travel. Do you do that too? Recently I had the opportunity to review an interesting coffee table style travel book, Why LA, Pourquoi Paris? The author, Diane Rarican, takes a side by side look into LA and Paris. along with...

10 Ideas for Solo Mom Travel

A while ago, I wrote why it's important to travel solo, especially for moms. I know we get busy, don't make ourselves a priority, want to cherish the time we have with our kids. Sound familiar? If you haven't already, please read why it's perfectly okay for you to...

5 Mistakes People Make When Traveling

Easily avoid these 5 mistakes people make when traveling by being aware, planning ahead and staying smart about your travels. This article is contributed by TINZ 5 Mistakes People Make when Traveling, and How to Avoid Them   Traveling is one of the most popular...

How to Figure out a Fail-Proof Travel Budget

Figuring out a travel budget is perhaps one of the more challenging aspects a family faces when deciding to travel. In fact, even writing this article was a bit challenging because everyone approaches it differently. Factors such as time of year, the length of trip,...

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